Paw Print Decal

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Permanent Waterproof Adhesive Decal

Designed by me! They are one of a kind a you won't find the exact one anywhere else.

I just want to hug all the animals!

The decal is 3" wide. It is printed on high quality adhesive vinyl. It can be placed on a cup, tumbler, laptop, car, really anywhere that has a flat surface!


  • Make sure your surface is clean and free of dust and oil.
  • Peel white paper backing off.
  • Place decal where you want it. (Make sure it's where you want it before you place it down.)
  • Smooth out with flat surface. Ex. credit card or your thumb
  • Remove transfer tape slowly. (If lifting, rub back down and slowly peel again.)
  • Let cure for a minimum of 24 hours before handling or getting wet. **Hand wash only!**

[Photo Descriptions: All images are of paw prints. The first is a paw print with black painted polka dots. The second is a paw print with black diamond outlines. The third is a paw print with black floral print outlines.]