Cow Queen HTV Pre-Made Transfer

Cow Queen HTV Pre-Made Transfer

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Not limited to only polyester fabric. May be applied to any fabrics that can take heat. Most people apply to cotton or polyester shirts. Can be pressed on light or dark fabric.

Recommended Application Instructions:

  • Peel off backing from transfer
  • Place on shirt
  • Set press to 315F
  • Use parchment paper or teflon sheet on top of transfer
  • Press for 15-20 seconds
  • Peel carrier sheet slowly
  • Wait 24 hrs. to wash

*Print sales are final and cannot be refunded or cancelled to due to not knowing how to use a transfer. Please ask any questions before purchasing. I cannot be responsible for transfers or products that are pressed incorrectly. Please remember to read all instructions first.

[Photo Description: The design is in a circular shape that is yellow and turquoise with brown rays. There is a brown and white cow with a turquoise crown surrounded by multiple shades of pink roses and green leaves.]