"Be still & know" is in the center of a glitter gold and floral design. Sublimation Transfer Only

Be Still and Know Sublimation Transfer

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  • Images on transfer typically appear "faded" before being pressed.
  • White in designs will be the color of shirt. White cannot be printed with sublimation.
  • You MUST use a heat press for transfers. An iron will NOT work.
  • Transfers must be pressed on to light or white colored polyester items. 100% polyester is recommended for the best result but can be applied to as low as 50% for a "vintage" look. Transfers will NOT work on dark or black.

Recommended Application Instructions:

  • Set heat press between 385 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Set timer for 45-60 seconds.
  • Set pressure at light to medium. You do NOT want to use heavy pressure.
  • Place butcher paper (non-waxed) or copy paper inside of shirt to prevent bleeding of ink. Don't use a teflon sheet.
  • Place transfer face down on garment where you'd like the design. Heat tape or temporary adhesive spray may be used to prevent transfer from moving and causing ghosting.
  • Place another sheet of butcher paper (non-waxed) or copy paper on top of transfer to prevent bleeding on to heat press. Don't use a teflon sheet.
  • Press garment at recommended settings. (All presses are different, you need to find what works the best for you and your item you are pressing on. Presses may run at a different temp. than what the screen displays. Purchasing a heat gun can help determine what your actual temperature is.)
  • Remove transfer immediately. Careful not to burn yourself!

*Print sales are final and cannot be refunded or cancelled to due to not knowing how to use a transfer. I cannot be responsible for transfers or products that are pressed incorrectly. Please remember to read all instructions first.

[Photo Description: "Be still & know" is in the center of a glitter gold and floral design.]